Channel 4 takes the Express route with Knowledgepool

Online access to bite sized learning

KnowledgePool, the worldwide learning solutions provider has designed and developed an online learning portal for Channel 4 (C4). Powered by KnowledgePool technology, C4 personnel throughout the UK have access to over 170 modules covering customer care, interviewing, managing people and teamwork.

He continued: “Our business is changing constantly and our people need to be commercially adept and have the skills to lead and manage change. Our culture encourages promotion “through the ranks” so acquiring new skills is a vital element of the process. The KnowledgePool courses are appropriately pitched at a personal rather than a corporate level and have been enthusiastically received – I am confident that they will enable our people to succeed.”

Individuals working in roles such as legal, finance, engineering, HR and facilities management as well as the more creative roles covering programme commissioning are assigned specific modules by C4’s training and development manager. Weekly reports are provided by KnowledgePool that allow C4 to monitor activity.

Perkins concluded: “Training is an ideal application for a portal as our people can access from home or even if they are working remotely. This delivers a two-fold benefit – we increase the skills and knowledge within C4 and the flexible, modular format helps us to achieve a return on our investment.”

“We are committed to staff development and our ongoing investment in training and talent development benefits the entire industry. Our people have very busy schedules and KnowledgePool’s Management Skills Express portfolio provides a learning facility that can be accessed instantly whenever it is convenient. The bite sized modules are also very useful to complement more traditional training events.”

Evan Perkins, interactive learning advisor at C4