IITT Commends Knowledgepool for its managed services approach

KnowledgePool, the managed learning services company, has been reaccredited as a training provider – for the sixth successive year – by the Institute of IT Training (IITT), the worldwide professional body for IT trainers. Accreditation by the IITT is an independent verification of the high quality of KnowledgePool’s managed learning approach, its training methodology, its course materials and resources, its training staff and the measures it has in place to help clients evaluate the learning benefits from training. The Institute accredits training providers annually following an in-depth assessment.

Paul Jefferson, CEO of KnowledgePool, said: “We’re very proud to maintain our status as an IITT-accredited provider. It is an independent assessment of our service provision and it gives clients further assurance of our professionalism and expertise.” With over 40 years’ experience in the training industry, KnowledgePool is now the UK’s leading provider of vendor independent managed learning services. Working in partnership with in-house L&D teams, KnowledgePool can help to reduce costs, improve service levels and offer greater control over training provision. A growing number of major organisations – including British Airways, Merrill Lynch, the Home Office, Lloyds TSB, and Orange – have benefited from outsourcing the management of learning and development activities to KnowledgePool. Launched in 1995, the Institute of IT Training aims to develop and promote excellence within the IT training profession.

For more information, please call KnowledgePool on 0870 320 9000 or e-mail info@knowledgepool.com

“KnowledgePool has evolved into a vendor-independent learning services supplier. The company is now firmly established in its chosen market and the large contracts it has won show that its approach is well regarded. The enthusiasm and drive evident in the company and its continuing commitment to quality and customer focus is commendable.”

Richard Malam, IITT Accreditation Consultant