Improve performance with Knowledgepool

KnowledgePool, the worldwide training service provider specialising in IT, personal and management training, has launched a new e-learning programme: ‘Getting Better all the Time – Improving People’s Performance’. The course, delivered via CD-ROM, trains managers to address and solve employees’ performance problems. The course is designed to train team leaders, supervisors and managers how to identify and overcome gaps in employees’ workplace performance. However, its logical and easy to follow approach also allows it to be used by anyone wanting to improve their own performance.  As part of KnowledgePool’s ‘Developing and Managing People’ series, the e-learning programme provides a logical and systematic approach to improving people’s performance. Focusing on developing and enhancing the skills and efficiency of managers, the course acts as a ‘management buddy’ providing a training session lasting approximately 25 minutes, followed by a short test. The course covers the skills and knowledge relevant to the Management Charter Initiative standards, Investors in People UK indicators and the Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative standards. The course identifies the three major factors that affect employees’ output – the working environment, knowledge and skills and motivation – and offers a systematic approach to combat them through a ‘performance improvement cycle’.

At the end of the course managers will be able to:

  • Explain what is meant by performance and performance gaps
  • Recognise the main factors that cause performance problems
  • Construct a problem-solving action plan
  • Identify solutions for implementing the action plan
  • Monitor and review performance improvements
  • Give constructive feedback to sustain improved performance

“The current economic climate has created a difficult time for workers, with less scope for promotion or pay rises. The knock-on reduction in many employees’ output has become a major worry for many organisations, so to combat this KnowledgePool has created the ‘Getting Better all the Time’ course to help bridge the performance gap, thus improving company efficiency and creating a better and more satisfying working environment for employees.”

Paul Butler, Chief Executive Officer at KnowledgePool