Knowledgepool Acquires Maxim Training

KnowledgePool, the e-Learning, IT and business skills training company, has announced its acquisition of Maxim Training, the second acquisition within a month. Maxim Training is one of the UK’s leading independent developers of CD-ROM and online multimedia training in personal and management skills for the corporate market. In a recent UK study by Televisual, Maxim Training was ranked eighth in the top ten online multimedia producers. This significant acquisition continues the expansion of the KnowledgePool service, to encompass IT business applications, personal skills and human capital development services, enabling the company to offer a broader service to clients worldwide. On August 4th 2000 KnowledgePool announced its acquisition of the corporate career portal business of WorkLife Solutions Inc, one of the US’s leading application service providers of integrated career management and human resource development websites. Together with the acquisition of Maxim Training today, KnowledgePool will be able to offer a more holistic approach to personal and management skills development and training enabling clients to benefit from a training provider that can offer a rounded service.

David Wimpress, executive chairman of KnowledgePool, comments, “The acquisition of Maxim Training – our second in a month – will enable us to offer a much wider service. Like KnowledgePool, Maxim has focussed on e-Learning, recognising that technology plays a key role in enabling individuals and corporate customers to access cost effective training and management development solutions. Maxim Training’s expertise in the development of high quality course content will add significantly to our e-Learning portfolio enabling our clients to benefit from their valuable skills and experience.” David Welham, chief executive of Maxim Training, says, “Maxim brings to KnowledgePool a strong pedigree in management and personal skills development, particularly in the e-learning sphere. We have a reputation for developing high quality content. In return, I believe our customers will benefit from KnowledgePool’s extensive e-learning infrastructure, IT training capabilities and experience. The combination of our content with KnowledgePool’s mentoring and online infrastructure, means a comprehensive online management and enterprise training service can be provided making this a very attractive proposition to corporate customers.”

Further Information:
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