Knowledgepool Adds e-Learning to Outplacement Companys Offerings

KnowledgePool, the e-Learning, IT, personal and business skills training company, today announced the second phase of a contract with Manchester, Inc. a major US outplacement company to help displaced workers define and further develop their skills and competencies. KnowledgePool’s Talent Solutions™ portfolio, encompassing web- enabled corporate skills and career development tools, comes from the company’s August acquisition of the corporate career portal (CCP) business of WorkLife Solutions Inc., one of America’s leading application service providers of integrated career management and human resource development web sites. Through KnowledgePool, Manchester, Inc. offers e-learning to displaced workers in the US for the first time. “As one of the leading and most innovative career management firms, our relationship with KnowledgePool enables us to better provide displaced workers the training and development they need to match skills and competencies in order to find job placements, and therefore speed the rate of placement,” said George Bajalia, President and CEO of Manchester, Inc.’s parent company, Prolianz, Inc. – the professional services company of Modis Professional Services, Inc. (NYSE: MPS). ‘With the combination of diagnostic learning tools and KnowledgePool’s extensive experience in the delivery of learning and its comprehensive training portfolio, we feel confident we’ll meet our goals and client expectations.” Through its Talent Solutions portfolio, KnowledgePool designs, develops, installs and manages a wide range of corporate skills and career development tools via the Internet and corporate intranets. The web-enabled tools enable Manchester, Inc. to offer displaced workers a site to conduct career assessment, define new goals, register for new e-Learning courses, prepare their resumes and market themselves via a database of over 500,000 US job listings. KnowledgePool, through its partnership with US company Careercast, aggregates job listings from over 40 major job boards to make these jobs available in a seamless manner to its clients. Careercast develops scalable solutions for the Internet’s leading career sites and employers.

Chani Pangali, vice president and general manager of KnowledgePool’s Talent Solutions business said, “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Manchester Inc. utilising our portfolio to help develop the skills and ensure speedy placement of displaced workers in the States. The need to match competencies and skills to specific job roles is critical for organisations to ensure they have the right people doing the right job, thus making sure they have an effective workforce.”  KnowledgePool first offered an Internet-based e-learning solution in 1995 as part of its range of training and development service. WorkLife created the first career center on the Internet for and has since brought together more than 20 recruitment companies to the Careers channel of AltaVista Live! Manchester, Inc. is a career management consulting firm that specializes in improving organizational effectiveness through the identification, development, and transition of leadership talent. Manchester has expertise in four primary practice areas: career management, executive search, leadership development, and executive education and training. Manchester is a part of Prolianz, the professional business and human capital management solutions division of Modis Professional Services Inc. (NYSE: MPS) of Jacksonville, Florida. Prolianz consists of separate major specialty services companies servicing project-specific and career management needs of their clients in the areas of accounting and finance, legal, technical and engineering, scientific, and career management consulting and retained executive search.

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