Knowledgepool and Lloyds TSB delivering value through leadership programme

KnowledgePool’s online mentors facilitate learning

In a ground breaking programme that started on 1 September, KnowledgePool’s online mentors are providing learning facilitation to Lloyds TSB’s managers in support of a new leadership programme initiated by the University for Lloyds TSB (UfLTSB), the corporate university of Lloyds TSB, as part of their advanced curriculum.

“Delivering value through leadership” was developed following research and feedback from business unit heads, HR business partners and line managers. A gap was highlighted in the UfLTSB offering for a wide ranging development tool covering broad management issues such as Organisational Behaviour and Strategic Management.

KnowledgePool will manage the completed application forms, make contact with delegates to set expectations about the course and provide online help and guidance with UfLTSB providing subject matter experts as delegates work through each of the following four modules:

  • Organisational behaviour
  • Strategic management
  • Performance measurement
  • Marketing

Delegates are set a total of 13 assignments throughout the programme. The learning is designed to be self-driven and will lead to internal certification.

“The new programme sits in the Developing Managers & Leaders advanced curriculum and is designed for experienced managers who want to build on an existing high level of management and leadership skills. We decided to offer learning facilitation through KnowledgePool’s mentoring service because we recognised that individuals on the programme will be studying at times that fit in with their already very busy schedules. By having facilitation services available online, any queries or points of clarification can be resolved immediately ensuring that the learning experience is not interrupted.”

John Wilson, Senior HR Manager, Leadership & Management Development at UfLTSB