Knowledgepool and West Mercia Police Authority join forces to raise awareness of drug and alcohol misuse

KnowledgePool, the worldwide learning solutions provider is designing an online learning programme to help parents and carers and the general public in West Mercia understand the issues surrounding drug and alcohol misuse that are faced by members of the community. Working in partnership with from MerciaNet, the organisation established to co-ordinate drugs and alcohol training on behalf of the West Mercia Drug Action Teams, KnowledgePool is developing an interactive, visually stimulating, modular programme with a dual approach. This delivers maximum value, flexibility and ease of use and enables participants to either study the clearly defined sessions and complete the training in a traditional, linear fashion, or take advantage of the programme as a quick and easy-to-access reference facility. Accessible via MerciaNet’s website the e-Learning includes comprehensive information to help raise awareness and understanding about drugs and alcohol and is customised to address different groups of users;

Parents and carers who are either dealing with a friend or family member who has drug or alcohol issues or want to prevent a situation occurring
Provide teenagers and others at risk within the community with the insight and skills to understand the effects of drugs
A communities module that demonstrates and rationalises the link between crime and drugs as well as covering the fear of crime within the community itself The e-Learning addresses this situation by showing how effective communication between parents and children provides a solid foundation on which to build successful, open and supportive relationships and by providing all those involved with a better understanding as well as giving them the skills to take control of the situation.

The e-Learning programme includes:

  • Interactive tutorials featuring graphics, graphic animations and photographs
  • Case studies and scenarios
  • Facts about the nine main drugs groups – information on each group includes the drug category, its effects, the risks of using it, and the legal situation
  • Myths – reference to popular misconceptions about certain drugs, side-effects and the actual truth
  • ‘New user’ access to a tutorial which explains how to move around the programme, what the buttons mean and how to derive greatest benefit
  • Quizzes -to reinforce learning and generate interest
  • Summaries of key learning points

“Young people who use drugs and other substances are expressing normal behaviour by seeking to change their experience of their environment. Young people today grow up in Britain with greater expectations but often with less opportunities. This is an opportunity for parents to explore drug use from more than one perspective”

Graeme Clark from MerciaNet