Knowledgepool assists Leicestershire Constabulary with their enquiries

KnowledgePool assists Leicestershire Constabulary with their enquiries

KnowledgePool, the worldwide training provider specialising in business applications, IT and business skills training has recently delivered an e-Learning programme in scenes of crime procedures commissioned by Leicestershire Constabulary. The 20 minute course, delivered via CD-ROM and the Constabulary intranet will help new police officers follow basic procedures correctly; identify areas of forensic importance; preserve all possible forensic evidence at crime scenes and also provide information on when to liaise with Scenes of Crime Officers (SOCO). The user-friendly programme follows a highly visual approach, with the look and feel of a website rather than a traditional, linear e-Learning course. This provides a solution that is functionally dynamic, interactive, educational and informative which will enable users to quickly and easily understand the learning points of the course. Based on simulations of a range of real-life crime scenes and delivered in easily digestible modules, the course engages learners and encourages them to search for relevant information, provides feedback and presents further information in the form of fact files. At the end of each simulation exercise a three-question test is included to determine learners’ understanding before they move on to the next module.”This exciting learning programme clearly demonstrates the growing acceptance of e-Learning as an effective learning delivery medium. e-Learning is rapidly coming of age and transcending boundaries to enable businesses to address specific organisational learning requirements more easily and efficiently.” Paul Butler, chief executive officer at KnowledgePool.

“Using an e-Learning approach has allowed us to offer training at a time and place that fits in with the work shift patterns for new and existing police officers. The programme is also accessible via our intranet, enabling officers to quickly check certain points prior to attending a crime scene. We are delighted with this flexible programme and feedback from officers has been very positive.”

Viv Galloway, Scientific Support Manager from Leicestershire Constabulary