Knowledgepool delivers blended learning to Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council

7 year extension to existing contract

KnowledgePool’s learning services to Bolton Metro are to be extended in a contract initially valued at £130,000 for the first year. The blended learning services will consist of 1000 delegate days of training covering Microsoft end user applications; and an e-Learning library offering a selection of courses for access via the Bolton Intranet for 3000 Bolton Metro staff. KnowledgePool will also design and develop an internet-based ‘Learning Zone’ which will link to the Council’s intranet for seamless access by staff. Bolton Metro enjoys flagship status within local government for its visionary Organisational Development team that has been responsible for all training and development within Bolton Metro for many years. The team is proud of the success they have achieved.

“This contract is the perfect illustration of the value of our managed learning service. We have two learning consultants seconded full time to Bolton Metro who are responsible for identifying training needs; providing advice and guidance and delivering the training. They are Bolton\’s point of contact for all training related enquiries.” Michael Copestake, managing director at KnowledgePool

KnowledgePool works closely with the Bolton Metro Organisational Development team to identify improvements and further develop the learning services offered. The managed learning service from KnowledgePool includes the following;


  • PCs for use in the training environment; maintenance of equipment and software
  • Maintenance of the Bolton Metro Learning Zone that contains a selection of Microsoft end user training titles
  • 24 /7 online learning support to 3,000 staff via our global team of online mentors the online courses
  • Adhoc training consultancy as required for both IT and non-IT training issues
  • Liaison with Bolton Metro IT to ensure that training meets the changing needs of desk top users.


“KnowledgePool’s managed learning service enables us to provide the best possible development programmes for our staff. This frees up the team’s time to concentrate on the bigger picture which in turn enables us to provide a more comprehensive service to our internal and external customers.” Chris Hyams

“We have always recognised the link between equipping our staff with the right skills to do their jobs efficiently and an effective service. This has never been more important as we make more and more of our services available online. The disparate divisions that make up the council all have different requirements and cultures and customer care is vitally important to us in each. It is our role to ensure that each member of staff has the ability to maximise the benefits of technology as it is rolled out and that they are able to assist the community as services go online.”

Chris Hyams, Bolton Metro