Knowledgepool delivers e-Learning programme for UNICEF

KnowledgePool, the worldwide training service provider specialising in personal, business applications and IT skills training has designed and delivered an innovative, customised e-Learning programme for UNICEF. The programme explains the latest knowledge, policies and procedures that make up UNICEF’s rights-based programming. It will be delivered internationally to new staff as well as veteran UNICEF personnel, ensuring they are up to date on the most recent, important policy and procedural matters. UNICEF exists as an organisation to protect and promote the rights and well-being of children around the world and has set up a number of international programmes to ensure children have access to resources such as immunisation, routine health services, adequate nutrition, sanitation, safe water and opportunities for quality education. As an employer, UNICEF recognises the importance of offering its staff opportunities for continuous learning and development in a flexible and accessible manner. The UNICEF staff that provide the training are based in a number of global locations, therefore it was important that the solution followed an integrated and consistent approach in order to meet UNICEF’s key objectives of:

  • Providing an orientation for all new UNICEF staff, including National Committees 1
  • Providing an effective refresher for current staff
  • Functioning as preparation for or follow-up to other training courses
  • Functioning as preparation for development of new country programmes The e-Learning programme consists of nine e-Learning modules covering topics such as the UNICEF programme process cycle; situation assessment and analysis; country programme design; annual programme planning and implementation; monitoring and evaluation; responsibilities and follow up. The e-Learning programme is supported by a mix of offline exercises, activities, research assignments and reading. The complete course, including the ‘online’ and ‘offline’ elements will take a typical user 10 hours to complete. Individuals can choose a facilitated option or work through the programme without the assistance of a facilitator. Additional functions of the course:
  • Each module functions as a self-contained unit, concluding with a short quiz to test the learner’s understanding
  • A bookmarking facility enables users to easily dip in and out of the training
  • Search feature to locate specific content through the use of a simple A-Z index
  • A bank of frequently asked questions (FAQs) helps fulfill UNICEF’s requirement to provide effective refresher training
  • Users undertake a final post-course test on completion of all modules, and the results are automatically emailed to a designated email address for recording UNICEF will continue to run classroom-based training courses in policies and procedures for staff, with the e-Learning programme offering a flexible alternative.

KnowledgePool has developed the ‘Country Programme Process’ learning solution for delivery initially via CD-ROM. However, in the future UNICEF wants to implement access to the material through the corporate intranet ‘The Learning Web.’ With future- proofing in mind, the course has therefore been designed using web development tools, ensuring it requires minimal reworking when required online. 1 A support network that generates and builds public support for children’s rights in industrialised countries a significant portion of UNICEF’s overall budget

“This was a high profile, complex initiative, which needed to have a major impact of the target audience. As such, the material had to present a positive image for UNICEF, with highly relevant, compelling and visually-appealing content. Use of e-Learning is to a large extent voluntary, and the programme therefore also needed to be easy to use and simple to navigate, as well as accommodating a diverse target audience in terms of ages, cultural backgrounds, skill levels and attitudes.

Additionally, the policies and procedures course needed to function effectively on different levels, supporting learners seeking full accreditation and those who simply need to brush up their skills in specific areas. KnowledgePool have delivered an effective learning programme that enables learners to focus fully on the course material rather than grappling with technology.”

Pieter Bult, human resource officer at UNICEF