Knowledgepool designs e-Learning product training programme for Inmarsat channel partners

KnowledgePool, the worldwide training service provider specialising in IT, personal and management training, is designing a £120,000 e-Learning sales programme for Inmarsat channel partners. Based on the three-day instructor-led Global Area Network (GAN) training course, already developed and run by KnowledgePool, the online version will comprise eight hours of study time. Inmarsat Limited is the world’s leading global mobile satellite communications operator and provides a modern range of communications services to maritime, land-mobile and the aeronautical industries. Inmarsat operates through a network of distributors and service providers based around the globe. Delivering instructor-led training to over 200 global channel partners would have been a costly and logistically complex exercise, the company therefore looked to an online delivery as an alternative The online training will be delivered via Inmarsat’s “Connect” portal on the corporate intranet and is essentially product training for channel partnersemployees in a non- technical, sales or account management role. The easy-to-use e-Learning programme includes the features and benefits of GAN’s 64kbit/s Mobile ISDN and Mobile Packet Data channel and accommodates different levels of knowledge and learning needs, optimises learners’ time and can be used to refresh knowledge.

The course includes topics such as 

  • What is GAN and Mobile Packet data Service
  • Selling GAN
  • Data transmission principles and jargon
  • Using a datanetwork
  • Identifying sales opportunities
  • Campaign planning
  • Frequently asked questions The flexible e-Learning programme, which includes a post course assessment, can be accessed in two ways;
  • Learning mode – featuring linear tutorials which teach learners who are new to the subject in a logical sequence. The course also features a quick reference guide, a glossary of terms and definitions as well as recommended web links
  • Reference mode – a quick and easy facility to refresh key points

“Inmarsat has taken a practical approach to this particular training requirement. This programme clearly demonstrates the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of e-Learning as a viable alternative or supplement to traditional instructor-led training.” Paul Butler, CEO at KnowledgePool.

“We needed to find a way of offering GAN training to channel partners around the world that was a cost- effective alternative to classroom training. We also needed to be assured that the training would be flexible, engaging, interactive and measurable. KnowledgePool is taking the time to fully understand our requirements and I am confident we will develop together a programme that will meet Inmarsat’s needs.”

Edna Kim, development training manager at Inmarsat Limited