Knowledgepool designs e-Learning programme for Bursars

KnowledgePool, the worldwide training provider specialising in business applications, IT and business skills training, has been awarded a £200k e-Learning contract to design, build and pilot the e-Learning strand of a blended learning programme developed by the National College of School Leadership (NCSL) to train School Bursars and Business Managers. The custom-designed e-Learning programme will run over the College intranet and covers topics such as financial management, human resources, ICT and facilities management. The e-Learning modules will be included in the recently launched Bursars Development Programme Certificate for School Business Managers – designed to give those who have worked in schools in administrative roles, recently appointed bursars, school business managers and new entrants to the education profession the skills they need to support effective school leadership and management and at the same time reduce teachers’ workload.

Candidates that successfully complete the programme are awarded a Certificate of School Business Management. In addition to the custom e-Learning course modules, KnowledgePool is supplying NCSL with courses in basic IT skills covering Microsoft Word, Excel and Access which will enable candidates to select from a library of key skills courses to match their individual needs.

“We are pleased to have the opportunity to design this new element for the Bursars Development Programme. e-Learning is maturing steadily and the reputation it deserves as an effective training delivery medium is growing. It is finally fulfilling its true potential as a unique and essential part of varied and blended training offerings.” Paul Butler, CEO at KnowledgePool.

“Working with KnowledgePool has added an extra dimension to our existing programmes, they have taken the knowledge, skills and understanding contained in our work books and turned this into exciting and interactive e-learning. Bursars play an increasingly important role as resource managers for schools and colleges, and are very busy people. The e-Learning modules of this course will offer a flexible alternative to candidates undertaking the programme, allowing them more freedom to structure their own learning in their preferred style.”

Nejla Sabberton, Programme Manager at NCSL