Knowledgepool helps BA to deliver staff training

KnowledgePool, the managed learning services company, is helping British Airways to provide customer service and operations training as well as commercial, management development and professional training. KnowledgePool’s associate trainers and project managers are working closely with BA’s trainers to consolidate and deliver existing training programmes and to design, develop and deliver new programmes on-demand for BA staff. The majority of the programmes are delivered at British Airways training centres at Heathrow. KnowledgePool’s project managers work in partnership with British Airways’ planning managers to coordinate and administer the training and provide weekly updates to BA’s training management team. “For each training project, we simply make a request to KnowledgePool and they respond with the names of the associate trainers who will be involved,” said Kerry Thibert. “By working with KnowledgePool, we’re able to meet the significant demand for training.” Paul Jefferson, CEO of KnowledgePool, said: “Our role is to assist and support BA by resourcing and administering their training needs.”

For more information, please call KnowledgePool on 0870 320 9000 or e-mail

“We used to work with a number of other training providers and it was time consuming and costly to manage these relationships. KnowledgePool now effectively work as an extension to our training department. We have a single point of contact and they provide us with very high quality trainers, so at short notice we can access whatever additional resources we need. It’s a true partnership which not only saves us time but it makes it very easy and efficient for us to provide training.”

Kerry Thibert, Training Planning and Delivery Manager at BA