Knowledgepool helps develop employees at GlaxoSmithKline

Employees worldwide at GlaxoSmithKline – one of the world’s leading healthcare companies – are set to benefit from a new web-based employee development programme named the Personal Growth Centre. The centre has been designed, developed and implemented by KnowledgePool, the IT, personal and business skills training company. Following its success in the Consumer Healthcare Research and Development unit of GlaxoSmithKline, the Personal Growth Centre – a product from the KnowledgePool Talent Solutions™ range and available through the company’s People Development Services – has been implemented across the business. The implementation of the Personal Growth Centre is central to the retention and development of key talent. The Personal Growth Centre is a voluntary facility that supports performance development and helps GlaxoSmithKline’s employees successfully manage their careers as they develop and evolve within the organisation. Employees are able to access the centre from their desktop via the company website. The Personal Growth Centre is available in tandem with other human resources activities, such as the company’s web- based annual development review process.

Employees are taken through seven key steps*, which give them access to a range of tests, background research and surveys to help them learn more about themselves, both personally and professionally; how they compare with their peers; and provides a forum to ask for support and advice. The Centre helps employees create and revise a career development strategy to achieve their business goals and also to participate in lifelong learning. Employees are encouraged to maintain a summary of their activities, in order to track developments and performance. Commenting on the Personal Growth Centre, Sarah Baird, Employee Development Programme Advisor at GlaxoSmithKline, said: “We have worked with KnowledgePool for many years, they have a clear understanding of how we work and have the knowledge and experience to help us create an even better working environment for our staff. This new programme is designed to support employees in their employment choices. The programme will also help employees settle into their roles within our new structure by allowing them greater access to peer support.” David Wimpress, executive chairman at KnowledgePool, said: “I am confident that the Personal Growth Centre we have developed will help GlaxoSmithKline’s employees develop their individual careers and enable a smooth transition throughout the merger. Our extensive experience in the people aspects of change management has enabled us to develop a training programme encompassing this vital element, the results of which help to nurture employee satisfaction within the company.” Editors Notes * GlaxoSmithKline’s Personal Growth Centre consists of seven key areas that focus on issues specific to the employees’ career, as well as their personal life.

  • The seven areas are:
    Know yourself – employees can participate in a variety of self-administered tests to help understand themselves better and to create a solid base for life and work.
  • Scan your universe – employees are able to tap into a range of strategic intelligence from government sources, think tanks and other organisations, in an effort to enhance their knowledge of the industry and improve performance in the workplace.
  • Benchmark to the best – information and surveys are provided to help users identify the skills and qualifications that feature among the best employees. Users are able to perform a “skills gap analysis” to reveal the training and coaching they need in order to remain competitive.
  • Personal mission – employees are given the opportunity to create a statement that articulates their personal mission.
  • Shape your win plan – a range of resources is provided to help employees create and develop a strategy to achieve their goals at work.
  • Learn – users are encouraged to benefit from lifelong learning. Learning resources are provided to help users continuously develop relevant skills and abilities.
  • Launch – this section provides support and allows employees to draw on the ideas and experiences of their peers. GlaxoSmithKline GlaxoSmithKline is one of the world’s leading healthcare companies. GlaxoSmithKline discovers, develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceuticals, vaccines, over-the-counter medicines and health-related consumer products. GlaxoSmithKline – over 400 branded products, including: Seroxat/Paxil, a leading antidepressant; Augmentin, a leading broad-spectrum antibiotic; Avandia, a novel medicine for type 2 diabetes; Aquafresh, one of the world’s leading brands of toothpastes and toothbrushes; NiQuitin CQ/NicoDerm CQ/Nicabate and Nicorette, SB’s smoking-cessation patch and gum; and Tums, the calcium-rich antacid. GlaxoSmithKline employs 47,300 people worldwide with operations in 160 countries