Knowledgepool provides e-Learning express for Interbrew UK staff

KnowledgePool provides e-Learning express for Interbrew UK staff

Interbrew UK Ltd, the UK arm of Interbrew SA, The World’s Local Brewer©, has implemented KnowledgePool’s Management Skills Express as part of its ongoing learning and development strategy. Interbrew UK Ltd is best known for Stella Artois lager and employs over 4000 people in the UK and Ireland. Management Skills Express is a portfolio of over 100 bite-sized courses that cover a comprehensive range of management; communication; personal; financial and business skills. The browser-based courses can be accessed via intranet, internet or wide-area network applications and can be used in a tutorial mode where a user can navigate the entire course either sequentially or in just-in-time mode to check their understanding of any given topic quickly. Since Interbrew’s networked learning facility went live in June 2002, over 100 individuals have registered. Newell is promoting the LMS throughout Interbrew UK Ltd as part of the induction process for new joiners; via Interbrew trainers that run internal courses and workshops on a regular basis, and by sending a link to staff via email.”We have been very pleased with feedback – online learning is a new concept to most of our staff, and immediate access to training from the desktop is proving to be very beneficial. When staff access Management Skills Express for the first time, they are surprised at the level and depth of information and learning available. We are confident that this type of bite sized access to essential skills and knowledge will support the more traditional types of training we offer our people,” John Newell, learning and development manager at Interbrew UK Ltd.

“As a forward thinking business, we understand that people are at the heart of every successful organisation and we are passionately committed to developing our people. Although the final responsibility for learning lies with the individual, our approach is to provide easily accessible information with as much choice as possible. This is achieved through our Learning Management System (LMS) that incorporates a library of learning modules. KnowledgePool’s courses are part of the process and provide a wealth of learning, which can be accessed on a just-in-time basis. This format provides busy people with relevant information that immediately gives them the confidence to perform more effectively. “

John Newell, learning and development manager at Interbrew UK Ltd