Knowledgepool’s Al Bird speaks to HR Director about our latest white paper on Learning Transformation

KnowledgePool’s Al Bird speaks to HR Director about our latest white paper on Learning Transformation, suggesting L&D needs to change dramatically in order to drive real business change


KnowledgePool’s Whitepaper draws on the recent Learning Curve study which shows that despite most L&D budgets being lower than last year, the majority (62 percent) of HR and L&D professionals surveyed claimed their budget was in fact sufficient to achieve their goals. However, the Whitepaper warns that businesses still need to consider the impact that a reduced L&D headcount could have on resources available to support best practice. For example, L&D could end up becoming compliance-based with very little developmental learning, and e-learning could become driven by the need to cut costs and won’t achieve its aims. $p_end $p_start Al Bird, Managing Director at KnowledgePool, explains: “If businesses are serious about cutting costs at the same time as adequately supporting workforce development, L&D professionals need to think differently. They need to understand much more about the process by which learning translates into performance improvement and then business benefit, and communicate that clearly to senior management. “L&D professionals also need to harness rapid evolutions in informal and social learning in the workplace. Changes in social networking and technology mean it’s possible for employees to learn from each other and to embed that learning across the organisation where appropriate. A culture of learning that embraces all methods of improving skills and performance on the job is vital to rapidly and cost-effectively develop the workforce of the future.”

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