Knowledgepool’s Al Bird talks to HR Review about how to keep L&D programmes relevant

KnowledgePool’s Al Bird talks to HR Review about how to keep L&D programmes relevant


The way a workforce wants to learn new skills and develop their careers is changing, and the younger generation in particular is driving a strong demand for innovation in how L&D programmes are delivered. $p_end $p_start Technological and social advances mean workplace education needs to be transformed dramatically, if it is to stay relevant and have a reliable impact on the bottom line and on individual performance. Yet, the L&D professionals driving these learning programmes are operating under intense pressure, with little recognition from the board for their efforts and less budget despite higher demands on programme impact and return on investment. The knock-on effect is a cohort of professionals who lack confidence and often doubt their own ability to make an impact. But the good news is, with the right approach, the pressure to do more with less could potentially lead to greater innovation in workplace training. Find out how to keep your L&D programmes interesting and relevant – read the full article here. L&D professionals can find out how their views and opinions compare to those of their peers by downloading KnowledgePool’s Learning Curve report here. Follow the conversation on Twitter at @KnowledgePool and #KPLearningCurve.