Planning a good PR campaign

KnowledgePool, the worldwide learning solutions provider is working with the local government’s Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) to create a custom e-Learning programme that will assist local authorities in communicating effectively with both internal and external customers. The e-Learning course will promote good practice in communications as part of the IDeA’s ‘Connecting with Communities’ project.  Commissioned to augment IDeA’s ‘LearningPool’ e-Learning service for local government, “Creating a good PR campaign” is designed for a wide variety of local authority employees from directors to those responsible for implementing policy and directives. Indeed, anyone who is responsible for communications but does not have any previous PR experience will benefit from studying the innovative e-Learning programme which will be available at no charge via the Learning Pool. The e-Learning will also be available for purchase by local authorities who are not members of Learning Pool.

Users will derive the following benefits from the training:

  • Access to e-Learning materials, exercises and project activities at a time, place and pace convenient to them
  • Appropriate and speedy learning as the programme enables individuals to identify knowledge and skills gaps and focus on fulfilling them
  • Practical help in creating their own PR campaigns Features of the e-Learning include:
  • Stand-alone learning materials, exercises and project activities to maximise flexibility
  • Integrated online and offline learning elements
  • Highly visual and interactive material that is not too theoretical but thought-provoking and engaging

“This programme demonstrates yet again the versatility of e-Learning. Through the use of highly visual and interactive material we have designed an enjoyable learning programme that can be easily understood; appreciated by users and above all, applied in the workplace.” David Welham, Director of e-Learning at KnowledgePool said,

The Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) was established by and for local government in April 1999. Since then our work has supported local authorities to navigate through the challenges of a fast changing environment, delivering leadership, cultural change and performance improvements. Our mission is to support self-sustaining improvement from within local government. As an advocate of the best in local government, the IDeA aims to

  • deliver practical solutions to improve local government performance
  • develop innovative approaches to ensure the transfer of knowledge within local government
  • to act on behalf of local government as a whole, building new platforms for joined-up, locally delivered services
  • employ first rate staff to meet the needs and priorities of our customers
  • work with our customers in a way which respects diversity and promote equalities Overall the success of the IDeA will be judged by the extent to which local government improves. We will measure this by
  • year on year improvement in performance indicators
  • the ability of local authorities to move up and through the Audit Commission classification of authorities
  • evidence of satisfaction amongst local communities with their councils and the services they provide The IDeA is a not for profit organisation. We plough our capital – both intellectual and
  • financial – straight back into local government. Pool is a new e-Learning service from the Improvement and Development Agency (IDeA) that will enable every local council and their employees to create, pool and exchange e-Learning materials and other learning resources. While many of the learning needs in local authorities are similar, opportunities to share answers have been limited, resulting in an ongoing duplication of effort. Sharing in the development of e-Learning materials as a sector will provide greater capacity, economies of scale and many times the value back that authorities put in. Learning Pool is based on an innovative peer-to-peer network, which provides a very different model for the distribution of content. Users can connect directly with each other to share resources rather than having to rely on a central organisation to manage such transactions. Furthermore, responsibility for content development is pushed back into the network, and Learning Pool provides tools, training and support to encourage authorities to build their own e-Learning materials.  Learning Pool provides local authorities with a high-value, low cost opportunity to:
  • Increase capacity to meet the learning demands of the local government improvement agenda
  • Share in the development of e-Learning materials as a sector, providing economies of scale and many times the value back they put in
  • Learn from other authorities across the sector by sharing resources and expertise
  • Develop their own internal e-Learning skills and materials to support a more comprehensive approach to learning The Learning Pool solution includes a number of integrated products and services. The IDeA has invested in the development of technologies to facilitate file-sharing, community and authoring, in addition to over 30 e-Learning modules targeted at the needs of local government. To support the user community and the ongoing effectiveness of Learning Pool, the IDeA also provides services such as consulting support, training and help-desk.
  • Learning Pool went live with subscribing members in November 2002 and now has over 25 subscribing member authorities. As part of the ongoing Learning Pool service the IDeA will continue to contribute new content to the pool.

“KnowledgePool has shown true creativity in the instructional design of the programme and feedback from the pilot user group has been very positive. They also engaged the services of a PR expert from Bournemouth University to provide advice on the proposed content which has been extremely constructive and valuable.”

Emma Goss, e-Learning Consultant, IDeA says