Royal Bank of Scotland continues to reap the benefits of e-Learning

Sales and Service Support System training designed by KnowledgePool

Through the preferred supplier agreement signed in 2002, KnowledgePool has been commissioned by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) to design a custom systems training e-Learning programme. The programme has a contract value of c£60,000 and will provide training to over 3000 customer advisers and branch and graduate managers.

SASSS (Sales and Service Support System) is being installed in 1750 NatWest¹ branches throughout the UK and supports the management of sales and service within the Bank as well as delivering regulatory requirements. The supporting e-Learning will be accessible to staff over the corporate network and forms part of a wider training programme that incorporates role specific distance learning materials and workshops. The e-Learning programme will take 4 hours to complete in total and follows the Bank’s standard Show Me, Try It, Test Me approach to online learning. The course includes feedback to incorrect actions and permits the user to test the skills learned by completing on-screen scenarios. Pass or fail results are provided to the user and recorded in the Bank’s Learning Management System.

The easy to use e-Learning includes tracking and the same navigational features used on previous RBS programmes and will be developed using a mix of HTML, JavaScript and Macromedia Flash. The programme is made up of the following 5 sections;

  • Introduction to the e-Learning programme
  • Introduction to SASSS
  • Customer
  • Administration
  • Maintenance

“One of the key cost benefits of our approach to custom e-Learning means that we can deliver learning programmes that are future proof. Updating can be achieved quickly enabling organisations to keep pace with technology changes and at the same time ensure that their staff are fully conversant with system upgrades.” Paul Butler, chief executive officer at KnowledgePool

¹The Royal Bank of Scotland Group acquired NatWest in March 2000

“The Bank has used e-Learning extensively over the past 3 years and we have found that it delivers our training objectives effectively and at the same time offers refresher training as and when required. This programme has been designed by KnowledgePool with future updating specifically in mind and I am confident that as our SASSS system evolves we will be able to amend the training without difficulty.”

Dave Buglass, Head of e-Learning, Royal Bank of Scotland Group.