Single online portal offers integrated skills analysis and training services

Organisations can now analyse the skills of their workforce and procure training to fill any skills gaps in one online service. KnowledgePool, the learning services company, has joined up with InfoBasis, a leading provider of skills management technologies, to create the system. HR directors in large and medium size organisations will be able to use the InfoBasis Enterprise Skills Infrastructure platform to understand the range of skills within their workforce and identify precisely what training is required. Users can then select the appropriate training from a range of providers using KnowledgePool’s LiveBooker, a single web-based training administration system. The system provides a comprehensive online catalogue, a simple to use booking process and sophisticated reporting functionality. “Our primary focus is on software for analysing and managing skills, but we have always recognised the potential to integrate with other services. This relationship will bring our solutions into the training procurement market. KnowledgePool is a well respected provider, with over 40 years’ experience in the training industry, and will be one of only three value-added resellers we work with in the UK.” Ashley Wheaton, CEO of InfoBasis.

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“With this one integrated solution, HR practitioners will no longer have to deal separately with analysing training needs, managing talent and coordinating the necessary training,” said Rod Edwards, Chief Executive of KnowledgePool. “Using the full managed service offering, incorporating the LiveBooker technology, they will be able to streamline their training administration, make considerable cost savings and receive valuable management information. Working with InfoBasis, we can ensure that the right people get the right training at the right time.”

Rod Edwards, Chief Executive of KnowledgePool