Managing critical safety training for a major power company

The Challenge

One of the major power companies in the UK was delivering 90% of its critical safety, health and environment training to circa 12,000 UK employees through external suppliers. The management of the training entailed a heavy overhead, dealing individually with a large supplier base, and administering the delivery of learning to its workforce.

The company recognised the requirement for a streamlined training delivery model that was easy to access by the end users and managers, and required significantly less administrative resource to manage.

The Solution

In 2012, the company selected Knowledgepool as its Managed Learning Service partner. Our Managed Learning Service provides the company with a consolidated channel to handle all external training requests and the associated administration of training. Our service is white-labelled for the company and is accessed through a dedicated Help Desk by phone or email. The service is provided by our team of learning advisors with unrivalled knowledge of the UK training market and includes:

  • Learning administration. Our Learning Advisors manage training bookings, user enquiries, delegate communications and course evaluations.
  • Supplier management. Our dedicated team of learning supplier procurement specialists managed the transition and management of all the company’s suppliers, including contract management, price negotiation and performance management to deliver improved quality and lower costs.
  • Catalogue management. We maintain a catalogue for the company of in-house and public schedule events to meet training demand and business need.
  • Comprehensive evaluation and reporting services. Comprehensive evaluation of our service and of learning delivered through it. We report performance scores against target service levels and key performance indicators, reporting regularly to the company’s counterparts to provide them with visibility on the progress of the service towards objectives of greater efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

The Outcome

Knowledgepool has delivered the following benefits to the company:

  • Estimated savings of 15-20%
  • Rationalisation of the supply base enabling easier supplier management and control of quality
  • Monthly Consolidated Invoicing reducing the administrative burden.