Why Managed Learning Services?

In a ‘more for less’ climate, many organisations can benefit from the insight and efficiencies of a large-scale training management partner. Our full Learning Business Process Outsourcing (LBPO) model is designed to be seamless extension of your existing L&D function. We navigate the vendor market on your behalf to source the best-possible fit for your requirements at optimum cost; helping you anticipate future needs, and striking the perfect balance between people-centric and tech-driven initiatives.

Is Managed Learning right for you?

Here are just some of the things you might want:

  • The benefit of an experience and large-scale strategic learning partner as part of your internal team
  • To reduce the cost of your overall training operation – from sourcing to operational delivery
  • To spend less time navigating the vendor landscape and sourcing best-fit suppliers
  • A deeper understanding of what’s available in the market around learning and learning technologies
  • To move from ILT to a blended model incorporating digital learning, and to improve scheduling and demand planning
  • Help to simplify your complex large-scale L&D function

What does Managed Learning look like?

We can help with these challenges. We deliver:

  • Learning expertise into the heart of your organisation
  • An end to end consultative approach with access to learning specialists and SMEs
  • The ability to engage with a wide range of suppliers, and buy better and smarter across the entire supply chain
  • Holistic management and control of your learning operations – not only can we source, but we can handle the admin around learning deployment
  • Clear MI to assist decision making and demonstrable ROI
  • Continual improvement and iterative approach. We interrogate your data and analytics in order to constantly refine and drive better outcomes

Want to know more about Managed Learning Services?

Our Expertise

We understand that in today’s climate, corporate learning is more about capability development than it is simply delivering training. We’re not just here to help you realise the transactional benefits of a large-scale learning provider. We’re here to help you build a robust learning ecosystem that works for your organisation and your learners alike and brings the best possible fit for your requirements through a team of on-side L&D specialists. In practice, most clients benefit in three key areas:

Learning Strategy

We take on all the responsibilities of a learning consultant and work with you in a strategic partnership to perform TNA and GAP analysis, plan demand, design curricula, deploy technology and analyse data to optimise your ROI. Our approaches help organisations manage risk, upskill, and improve performance. We measure and benchmark the outcome of every learning intervention and every change we make and this feeds into a continuous process of improvement.

Supplier Management

We take responsibility for sourcing for you. This means you have access to our market knowledge, supplier base and buying power – which is over £100m annually. It enables you to take advantage of significant time and cost savings when procuring training through us, whilst benefitting from a process that ensures the absolute best match of vendor to your requirements.

Training Administration

We take responsibility for service management. In addition to working as your supply chain manager we are responsible for managing, administering and evaluating most, or all, of your internal and external training. We integrate with your LMS or provide you with an online portal, course catalogue and overall account management.

“One of the key advantages of working with KnowledgePool is that we gained the expertise of their trainers without having the administration and co-ordination headaches that are involved in making sure they’re in the right place at the right time. This was a huge benefit and it really helped to ensure a very successful working relationship. ”

Lisa Blewitt, Training & Development Manager, Orange

“We used to deal directly with multiple training providers. Now, all external training provision is booked through KnowledgePool. With their understanding of the market, their sourcing expertise, their operational model and the way they work in partnership with us, we’ve been able to improve the quality of the training we provide and at the same time make considerable savings. ”

James Iles, Head of Employee Learning, Virgin Media

“KnowledgePool is ‘vendor-independent’ which means they source training courses from a wide range of suppliers and offer us the best solutions. This is an enormous benefit. Because they buy training on behalf of many organisations, they can achieve better discounts than we ever could and they pass those discounts on to us.”

Sue Payne, Head of Operations (People Development), Fujitsu Services



L&D managers who believe that having a greater understanding of new digital tools available in the market to support learning would improve their function*


L&D managers who believe a better understanding of analytics and data would improve their function. *Findings from our latest independent market research. Available to download 03/10


L&D managers who believe that better-understanding the ‘future of work’ will allow them to identify key opportunities and skills needed within organisations*

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