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Our unique apprenticeship managed service approach enables clients to maximise the potential they can release from publicly funded programmes and the apprenticeship levy, with expertly tailored schemes that work for businesses and learners alike. We offer a wide range of programmes specialising in professional, business and customer facing apprenticeships – all with the unique ability to deliver at scale. We can also provide help and guidance when it comes to choosing the right programmes, as well as source niche suppliers if you have specific requirements that aren’t listed below.

Leadership and Management

Develop your future leaders…

Containing recognised management qualifications from either the Chartered Management Institute or the Institute of Leadership and Management, our leadership and management programmes can help individuals develop as managers, whether they are starting out in their first managerial role, or operating at a senior level, overseeing operations, budgets and large teams.

There is also the option to specialise in areas such as Project Management.

Available apprenticeships include:

Programme Level Typical Duration
Team Leader – aimed at first line managers 3 16 – 18 months
Operations / Departmental Managers 5 24 – 30 months
Chartered Management Degree 6 32 – 36 months
Project Management 4 20 – 24 months

Customer Service

Improve your customer experience…

Our customer service apprenticeship is designed to help apprentices understand and ‘own’ the customer experience; helping them develop into confident customer service operatives who will ‘go the extra mile’ for their customers.

We also offer apprenticeships suited for frontline roles in the public sector, and in financial service customer service adviser roles.

Available apprenticeships include:

Programme Level Typical Duration
Customer Service Practitioner 2 12 – 14 months
Customer Service Practitioner 3 16 – 18 months
Public Sector Operational Delivery Officer 3 16 – 18 months

Digital Technology

Grow you own tech talent…

Whether developers, engineers or analysts, our technology apprenticeships will help you develop home grown talent ‘in–house’, by giving them the technical knowledge they need to do the job and the soft skills and confidence to deal with a range of stakeholders.

Available apprenticeships include:

Programme Level Typical Duration
IT Application Specialist 2 16 – 18 months
IT Application Specialist 3 16 – 18 months
Digital Marketer 3 16 – 18 months
Infrastructure Technician 3 16 – 18 months
Software Developer 4 20 – 24 months
Software Tester 4 20 – 24 months
Network Engineer 4 20 – 24 months
Data Analyst 4 20 – 24 months
Cyber Intrusion Analyst 4 20 – 24 months
Cyber Security Technologist 4 20 – 24 months
Digital and Technology Solutions Professional 6 32 – 36 months

Financial Services

Professionalise your workforce…

From accounting to insurance, our Financial Service apprenticeships contain recognised professional qualifications that give you the confidence that your employees meet an industry standard, and also provides them with professional recognition for the job that they do.

Available apprenticeships include:

Programme Level Typical Duration
Assistant Accountant 3 16 – 18 months
Professional Accounting Taxation Technician 4 16 – 18 months
Insurance Practitioner 3 16 – 18 months
Insurance Practitioner 4 20 – 24 months
Junior Management Consultant 4 20 – 24 months
Investment Operations Administrator 2 12 – 14 months
Investment Operations Administrator 3 16 – 18 months
Investment Operations Specialist 4 20 – 24 months
Financial Services Customer Adviser 2 12 – 14 months
Senior Financial Services Customer Adviser 3 16 – 18 months
Financial Services Administrator 3 16 – 18 months


Create a high performing workplace…

Designed to support employees in business support and improvement roles, this apprenticeship provides the underlying knowledge and skills required to contribute towards an efficient and high functioning working environment.

Available apprenticeships include:

Programme Level Typical Duration
Business Administration 2 14 months
Business Administration 3 18 months
Business Administration 4 24 months

Our expertise, your gain

Our significant experience in delivering large scale apprenticeship programmes means that we are the main supplier to a range of Financial Institutions such as Barclays and HSBC – as well as supporting the Civil Service. We have delivered impressive outcomes for our clients, including up to 20% increase in retention, and some of the highest success rates in the industry.

Aligning apprenticeship management with the wider L&D strategy yields a huge range of benefits – including direct and indirect cost efficiencies, clear accountability, and a clear and optimised customer experience for all learners. Apprentices hold real jobs in your business, and spend the vast majority of their time carrying out their mainstream duties – building their skills and competence through a combination of learning activities, both on and off the job.

A Typical Programme

Programme length will depend on the level and type of apprenticeship being undertaken. The training element of the apprenticeship must last a minimum of 12 months. This will be followed by an end point assessment. Some higher-level apprenticeships including degree apprenticeships can take up to four years. If you’re unsure of programme length or want to discuss anything relating to apprenticeships, you can contact us here.

Stage 1

Apprentice induction
Initial assessment commences
Learning for maths
Initial learning & ERR Topics
Award for RBCB Topics 1-3


Stage 2

Learning for RBCB topics 4-10
FSCA module 1
Revision for maths
Talent coach & check point
Progress review & testing


Stage 3

Learning for English
RBCB topics 11-13
FSCA module 2
Topics 4-10
Learning for FSCA 5 & 6


Stage 4

Learning for FSCA module 4
Talent coach check point
Progress review & testing
Learning for RBCB topic 14-17


Stage 5

Learning for English
RBCB topic 11-13
FSCA module 2, topics 4-10
End of training input & progress review


Stage 6

Portfolio building

(Level 3)
Learning for RBCB topic 14-17


“I’ve enjoyed the course thoroughly; it really has helped me to build experience and confidence within the workplace. I have learned advanced IT skills and data handling skills, health and safety within an office, how to professionally organise events and how to communicate and engage with customers. I would definitely recommend a Knowledgpool course to others! ”

Joe Downing, Civil Service Apprentice









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