Managed Learning Services

We tailor our managed learning service to complement your in-house resources and to align with your objectives. In practice, most clients benefit in three key areas:

Supplier Management:

buying better and smarter

We take responsibility for sourcing for you. This means you have access to our market knowledge, supplier base and buying power. It enables you to take advantage of significant time and cost savings when booking training through us.

Training Administration:

holistic management and control

We take responsibility for service management, offering a more integrated level of service. In addition to working as your supply chain manager we are responsible for managing, administering and evaluating most, if not all of your internal and external training. As part of this we integrate with your LMS or provide you with an online portal and course catalogue. This level of integration also comes with advanced reporting and account management, all of which free you up to be more focused on the strategic agenda of learning.

Learning strategy:

deeper meeting of minds and know-how

We take on all the responsibilities of a learning consultant and work with you in a strategic partnership to assess needs, plan demand, design curricula, deploy technology and analyse the on-going stream of data to optimise your return on investment.  Our market insights support your strategic decision-making and mean that we continually suggest improvements and introduce new innovations.

Measuring, analysing, optimising

Our managed learning service gives you a complete factual picture of your learning activity, often for the first time. We measure and benchmark the outcome of every learning intervention and every change we make and this feeds into a continuous process of improvement. Analytics give you control and visibility and together we can start to change and optimise the mix of training. We design and agree rules for routing enquiries to the best and most cost effective delivery, whether that be informal learning, e-learning, instructor led learning or blend of all these.

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Digital & Technology



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